With I SOLISTI ACADEMY we guide the stars of tomorrow already today. We address different target groups, like exceptionally gifted teenagers, preprofessionals or young composers who are trying to find their way. We offer each of them a tailor-made path.


Compose your own music for silent film
Mo 20 → Sa 25 August 2018


I SOLISTI Young Composers Lab challenges young composers to dive into the world of composing for visual media for one week. With in-depth guidance from experienced composers, you will learn to write your own soundtrack to a silent short film. During work sessions, I SOLISTI will perform every new composition. On Saturday night there will be a public concert of the new compositions, performed by I SOLISTI.

On this page you will find out how to subscribe.





Tailor-made course for talented teenagers
Audition in October 2018 in Lier or Kortrijk


I SOLISTI wants to encourage musically gifted teenagers by stimulating them to develop their full potential. The young adults will go through a process tailored to their needs, along with their surroundings (parents, art teachers,…). Under the guidance of their musical godfather or godmother, the teenagers will write their own uninhibited story. I SOLISTI provides musical and artistical coaching, as well as organizational support.

Auditions take place on an annual basis. As places are limited, we ask for a verification of their talent and we expect that both the students and their parents will show a high level of commitment.