RESONATING LIGHT, a composition by Wim Henderickx – in a performance by I SOLISTI led by the composer.


An interactive experience trail for children of the first year of primary school produced by Musica and I SOLISTI, in collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge and deSingel Antwerp.


Before I Die is a music theater production by Kameroperahuis and I SOLISTI Belgian wind ensemble Antwerp and has been premiered at Operadagen Rotterdam 2017. Aria’s from Madama Butterfly and Norma enter into a dialogue with a newly written monologue for a man.


Composer Sam Vloemans and Author Frank Adam welcome you to Babel, the city where no one understands anyone but everyone likes to understand everyone, thanks to the Babel language.



Anna wants to know exactly how that goes: to invent music. In a mysterious space she meets a real Maestro from a very long time ago. She makes friends with the old man, and together they come up with a music story full of love, excitement and sensation.

25 JAAR I SOLISTI in 2013

A reportage by Canvas on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ensemble (at that time under the name I Solisti del Vento) in 2013.